Five Podcasts to Try During Quarantine

Caption: “Besides movies and TV shows, Podcasts are superb for easy listening.”

Photo Courtesy of Cornell University

Caption: “Besides movies and TV shows, Podcasts are superb for easy listening.”

While you might’ve seen numerous recommendations for movies or TV shows to watch during quarantine, podcasts are another great form of media to explore. With that in mind, here are some podcasts you can listen to while at home:


Together Apart

Host Priya Parker highlights “the resiliency of the human spirit to still creatively meaningfully gather, even while we have to be apart.” Together Apart is vital in these times of isolation, with each episode connecting to the podcast’s themes of union, knowledge, and self-care.


The Argument

The New York Times Opinion columnists Frank Bruni, Ross Douthat and Michelle Goldberg bring to you The Argument, which centers around matters on the political spectrum. With each episode delving into and analyzing all aspects of pressing issues, this podcast makes for an interesting listen.



If you’re an avid reader, Overdue might be the podcast for you. Hosts Andrew and Craig discuss different books each episode – with genres ranging from classic literature to children’s books. The Phantom of the Opera, Twilight, Anne of Green Gables and many more – Overdue prides itself on being a podcast for “books you’ve been meaning to read.”


Becoming Wise

In contrast to other recommendations, Becoming Wise is an easy-to-digest podcast with shorter episodes – but don’t let that fool you. Each episode, while short, urges deep-thinking and valuable actions in its listeners. If you’re seeking a podcast that can speak to your inner self, Becoming Wise may be a good listen.



Created by NPR, Throughline is a podcast focusing on significant events in history. Analyzing a variety of historical occurrences through the lens of the present, Throughline illustrates to listeners how the past continues to impact our world today.


Each podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.