Students Save Frosty the Snowman in a Merry Escape


Principal Erskine, and Vice Principals Okazaki, Pacarro and Braffith participating in the escape room

The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak has had its effect on a multitude of activities at

Kamehameha, but in an effort to keep up the holiday cheer the ASKS has recently put together an

Escape Room for Kumu and students to participate in. Originally planned to occur during the

month of Halloween to replace the annual Midkiff Haunted House, the escape rooms were

planned by a member of the ASKS alongside Kumu Hoʻomano. Shifting its focus from being

Haloween-themed, the escape rooms revolved around the storyline of saving Frosty who had

been mysteriously kidnapped after setting up for a dinner with a newly made friend. Four

students were chosen from each grade to represent their class in the race to unlock the most locks

to save Frosty. Sophomore Kaimana Kon after completing the escape room said that this event

“was a great break away from all the stress of day to day school”. Each group had 30 minutes to

complete the room which was filmed to be shown on the ASKS Instagram on a later date.

Despite this the following week the room was open to Kumu and students aside from the original

four from each grade. The High School vice-principals as well as our very own Poʻo Kumu Mrs.

Erskine completed the room. The ASKS hopes to plan more events that bring about this level of

participation. Senior Solomon Kaonohi exclaimed that “the escape room was super fun…and

would definitely love to participate in something like this again”. With the excitement that this

room has caused in the future, there are hopes to make this event annual, and the ASKS members

are already brainstorming for the next.