The Idolization of Celebrities

A celebrity is a very well-known individual who amasses many followers. Followers who watch their movies, sing their songs, buy their merchandise, and devote a chunk of their life to idolizing them. We all have that one person we look up to, famous or not. We are inspired by that person’s work and drive. However, there is a point where it becomes too much.

The prodigious obsession of a celebrity is known as “Celebrity worship syndrome.” Psychology Today describes it as an addictive and obsessive disorder where someone becomes completely engrossed with a celebrity’s life, both personally and professionally. According to Dr. John Maltby, a professor of psychology, CWS (celebrity worship syndrome) can be categorized into three dimensions—entertainment-social, intense-personal, and borderline pathological.

The entertainment-social aspect of CWS involves the attitude where someone is attracted to a public figure’s ability to entertain and become a social focal point of conversation. This is considered to be on the lower scale of CWS. This form of CWS can cause poor eating habits and low self-esteem.

The intense-personal facet relates to someone that has intensive as well as compulsive thoughts about a celebrity. This dimension of CWS has been associated with neuroticism and concerns about body image.

Borderline pathological relates to someone who shows uncontrollable behaviors and fantasies about a celebrity. This form of CWS tends to be the most extreme.

The different levels of CWS can affect different aspects of someone’s life, but all in all, anyone can fall victim to creating unrealistic standards of their life. Have you seen yourself going down this rabbit hole of obsession?