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The Top 20 Christmas Songs of All Time

Christmas is upon us and what a better way to celebrate it than Christmas music!

Kiana Kalahele, Staff Reporter

December 23, 2019

These 20 songs alone are able to put even the most anti-Christmas individuals in the holiday spirit. And no, “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey is not on this list, sorry not sorry. Enjoy scrolling through what I believe to be, the 20 top Christmas songs ever made.   “Santa Tel...

Creative, Cool, Casual Christmas Bucket List

Christmas is a busy time of year, but these are the absolute must dos of the season!

Zaysha Akina-Mahoe, Staff Reporter

December 14, 2019

If you’re looking for things to do this Christmas season, this list will present some festive activities and hopefully inspire you to create some of your own.   1-Get a picture with Santa No matter how old you are, you can go get a picture with Santa at local malls near you.   2-Design...

Timely Christmas Lights

Every year, Christmas lights are put up before Thanksgiving is even celebrated. Is Thanksgiving overlooked?

Lisa Hopoi, Staff Reporter

December 12, 2019

Every year, families around the world decorate their houses when it comes to the Christmas season, but what is the right time period to keep them up? I’m not sure if it’s only me, but I feel like Christmas lights are popping up earlier and earlier each year. My family has a tradition of putting...

From Bonfires to KFC: Unusual Christmas Traditions Around The World

: Japanese individuals wait eagerly to get their hands on some “Christmas Chicken” from KFC.

Mahina Kameenui-Becker, Staff Reporter

December 9, 2019

When the word, “Christmas” starts popping up everywhere after Thanksgiving, whether it be in a “Holiday Vibes” Spotify playlist or crazy Christmas sales, everyone has a certain image that comes to mind. For people in the continental United States, it might be a snowy scene. For people in Hawaii,...

How Early is Too Early? Celebrating the Holidays

Christmas decorations are in stores as the Holiday season approaches

Gisele Bisch, Staff Reporter

December 8, 2019

The anticipation for Christmas has only grown louder since the ending of November, but it's no secret that the Christmas spirit has been around long before then. Indeed, Halloween's passing hasn't halted the festivity of the holidays. From October, many have noticed the subtle (and sometimes not so...

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