Timely Christmas Lights



Every year, Christmas lights are put up before Thanksgiving is even celebrated. Is Thanksgiving overlooked?

Every year, families around the world decorate their houses when it comes to the Christmas season, but what is the right time period to keep them up?

I’m not sure if it’s only me, but I feel like Christmas lights are popping up earlier and earlier each year. My family has a tradition of putting up Christmas lights on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year I saw Christmas light up on my street as early as the day before Halloween. Yes, October 29th. If you think this is too early, then when is the right time to put up Christmas lights?

Shutterfly says that the second or third week of November is a reasonable time to put up Christmas lights.

When thinking of November, I think of Thanksgiving, not Christmas. This is why I think the earliest Christmas lights should be hung is that day after Thanksgiving. Otherwise, it feels like Thanksgiving is being overlooked. When people come over for a Thanksgiving dinner, they should see Thanksgiving decorations, not Christmas.

When asking senior, Breycinn Silva, he said, “October is definitely too early, I think any time after Thanksgiving is a sufficient amount of time to keep them up.”

Senior, Taylor Takahashi said, “Although I don’t put up my own Christmas lights, I do think any time before Halloween is too early. I think Christmas lights should be put up in December when it’s actually almost Christmas.”

Overall, most students agree that Christmas decorations should be put up no earlier than November.