The KS Handbook: Nothing More Than Words on Paper


Courtesy of Kamehameha Schools

The Student Parent Handbook is the guide that is signed prior to the start of the school year containing all the rules and consequences for student behavior.

To enforce the rules and policies of Kamehameha Schools, Administration created the Kamehameha Schools Kapālama HIGH SCHOOL 2019-2020 Student & Parent Handbook. Students, along with their parents, are asked to review and discuss the handbook. After reviewing, students and parents are required to sign a contract that affirms that students and parents are going to comply with the rules and policies stated.

Concerns that both students and parents share is the power that the High School Administration has: the power to create and enforce rules and policies whenever the time is appropriate and can be enforced without notice.

The Kamehameha Schools Kapālama HIGH SCHOOL 2019-2020 Student & Parent Handbook, states “Kamehameha needs to be flexible in order to keep pace with changing laws and requirements affecting and applicable to the goals and operations of Kamehameha. Because of that, this handbook may be modified, suspended or revoked at any time without notice and without taking into consideration custom or prior practices.”

Legally, Kamehameha Schools owns the right to create and enforce whatever rules and policies that they seem appropriate to maintain the expectations of a “Kamehameha Schools student”.

Therefore, students and parents start to question what purpose does establishing set rules do when they can be modified, suspended or revoked at any time? Does this not create a contradiction between what is written and enforced by staff and the school?