The Battle Against Climate Change: One Tree At A Time


Courtesy of Diana Fontaine

University of Hawaii Professor, Dr. Camillo Mora, will be hosting an event to plant 10,000 trees in one day to help make our world carbon neutral.

Joby Lum, Website/Technology Director

Climate change has been one topic that has been discussed across the nation and the world. A University of Hawaii Professor, Dr. Camillo Mora, is attempting to combat the effects of climate change by planting 10,000 trees in one day.

The inspiration behind this idea for Mora is from his 12-year-old daughter, who has presented this project idea to schools and non-profit organizations. Some of the goals of this project is to help the world become carbon neutral by planting trees to help reduce the levels of carbon in the air. Another reason for the project, said Mora, is to provide the “scaling up [that is] needed to restore our Hawaiian forest”.

The event will be held on December 7th, from 2 pm-5 pm with check-in starting at 1 pm. The project will be planting the 10,000 trees in the forest of Gunstock Ranch at 56‐250 Kamehameha Highway in Kahuku. The trees being planted will be trees that are native to Hawaii such as the Lonomea, Wiliwili, Kou, and Koa.

Once the project is finished, Mora plans to name the newly created forest the “Pearl Harbor Legacy Forest” in commemoration of the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Those interested in participating in this project are encouraged to:

  1. Sign up at .
  2. Complete the online release form
  3. Be present at the event

Attire for the event is to bring work clothes that is light and comfortable. Those participating are highly encouraged to bring their own water, snacks, sunblock, and shoes. All tools and equipment will be provided at the event.

After you finish the event, you are encouraged to:

  1. Enter the codes you receive from the event for all trees that you planted
  2. Team captains will take photos of the team and upload it

The amount of trees planted will be displayed on . On this website, you can see how your team ranked compared to others at the event.

Dr. Mora will be coming to Kamehameha schools on December 5th, during the I&E periods in the auditorium to present to students his project on becoming carbon neutral.

For more information on this event, please contact Diana Fontaine at [email protected] .