More Than a Student: Josias Fronda


Courtesy of Josias Fronda

Fronda has impacted many students and staff.

 Josias Pilināmakaikaʻoiaʻiʻo Kaʻupu Fronda, better known as Pili, a student who has been attending Kamehameha school since kindergarten, serves as an inspiration for many of us. 

  From, being a member of the Worship/Deputation Team, to being apart of the beautiful tradition that is song contest, he has truly made his mark in our lives. 

 For the students who may not have seen Pili Fronda, you can catch him playing the drumset during Chapel. His funky beats make us all want to get up and dance. On other occasions, you can see Pili Fronda leading the class of 2020 into a successful senior year.        

 This upcoming Song Contest will be Frondaʻs 4th year being the classʻ co-ed director. When asked how he was able to maintain this for his entire high school career, Fronda replied with a smile, 

 “Honestly, that wasn’t me, and it could never be me. The grace given by my class, I was lucky enough to stay director for all four years. And honestly, it’s just all up to them”. 

     Fronda expresses high levels of gratitude to be apart of such a blessed class. Thankful for the opportunities that he lives in on a day to day basis. 

 Frondaʻs accomplishments arenʻt only limited to song contest and school. Fronda works with many of the greats in the music industry. 

 “I got to learn from a collection of members from Tower of Power to even members from the orchestra of Hamilton- I’ve (even) had the amazing opportunity to work with Russ McKinnon.” 

 Being able to work and learn from great musicians has allowed Fronda to progress to the mature musician he is now.