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  • Dec 7, 12:00 am
The News Site of Kamehameha Schools Kapālama

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The News Site of Kamehameha Schools Kapālama

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Freshmen Choose Pink!

ʻĀkala, Blessing or Curse?
Kamehameha Schools
The freshman class will be adorned with pink at the 2024 Song Contest.

Choosing class colors, a long standing tradition at Kamehameha Kapālama, has happened for years, and the freshmen, class of 2027 got to choose their color. The class of 2023’s color was melemele, or yellow. The senior class of 2024 chose ʻōmaʻomaʻo or green, the Juniors class of 2025, chose poni or purple, and the Sophomores, class of 2026, chose ʻulaʻula or red. And the freshmen, class of 2027 chose…


ʻĀkala, or pink, the color of unconditional love, understanding, and compassion, is associated with giving and receiving of nurturing, the color of Maui island. It is the universal color for love. Though, it has a different meaning here. At Kamehameha Kapālama, we associate it with something different.

Two words, bad luck. 

When choosing our class colors we always hear our aunties and uncles say, “eh, no choose that one or you’ll neveh win em.” And the “em” they’re talking about? Song contest, or just any school event ever. ʻĀkala has a long known history of being the bad luck in the class colors drawing pool; however could this class be the one to change this narrative?

Other classes, such as the class of 1991, 2003, and 2008 all chose pink.

The class of 2008 was the last pink class, winning one single song their senior year, Aloha Hawaiʻi Kuʻu One Hānau. This was performed by the women; scoring 143/204 points. So we have to ask ourselves, is Pink really bad luck? Will the class of 2027 achieve greatness? Or will they fall victim to the color of bad luck. Only time will tell.

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