Counseling Changes


Some of the various lessons on Naviance to help seniors plan. PC: ka moi staff

Hi’ilei Carvalho-Mattos, Reporter

Counseling department changes lead to students having one overall counselor.

To make the transition back to in-person learning easier, the counseling department has undergone many changes affecting students. For those who had attended Kamehameha Schools Kapalama High School before the Covid-19 pandemic, students had multiple counselors for different areas in their lives, school, outreach, and college. These various counselors would work individually at times, only collaborating when it came to specific lessons such as Naviance or post-high planning.

However, the new changes allow for students to have one counselor for everything as well as, for the seniors, an integration of Naviance lessons as a separate course from guidance altogether. This change not only means that counselors deal with college questions and schedule requests but also contacting and interacting with parents. Cullen Arroyo, senior counselor for students with the last name beginning with A-F said “everything is new. It’s a new experience scheduling, dealing with schedules, registration.” Arroyo had previously been a college counselor whose focus was helping juniors and seniors navigate the college preparation and application process.