Snacks being passed out in Konia

Kaylah Toves, Reporter

With the spread of COVID-19’s new Delta variant, is continuing in-person learning on campus the best idea?

Although the vaccination brings a sense of security to many, there are certain contingencies that still make going hybrid or even full distance learning again worthwhile. Running Kamehameha Schools at full capacity was definitely a shot in the right direction, but did the Administration aim a little too high? With busses barely able to shuttle kids to their classes, and students contracting COVID-19 day by day, I would argue that it is frightening going to school not knowing if I’m going to be contact-traced next.

There were only about 500 Coronavirus cases on the week we started school, and before the end of the month, the state had already broken over the 1,000 threshold sending many families in fear for their children to continue going back to school.

While school life attempts to go back to normal, reflected in the revival of sports and clubs, many groups, such as the football team, have already had an outbreak and we have only been in school for a month. If we continue to push boundaries to go back to normal we are risking the health and wellness of our students