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  • Dec 7, 12:00 am
Kaylah Toves

Kaylah Toves, Social Media Director

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Hi, I'm Kaylah, I've been a student at Kamehameha since 7th grade, I'm in Sinfonietta, and I am also the Public Speaking Captain of the Speech and Debate Team. This is my second year on Ka Mōʻī and I couldn't be more excited! I enjoy long walks on the beach as long it's not at the beach and the walk isn't long. I love a good cup of coffee at any time of the day, and I pride myself on being able to sleep for 18 hours straight during my non-existent free time. I've tried every sport known to mankind, but it seems like God had other plans for me. But hey, at least it brought me here to Ka Mōʻī I try to be well versed in the world of politics, and ever since my middle school research project on greenhouse gas emissions Iʻve always made an effort to be up to date on the latest Global Warming press conferences. Is this what it feels like to write a Tinder bio?

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Nathan Chen (left) and Yuzuru Hanyu (right) pictured at the Feb. 9th figure skating event. PC: Nikkei Asia

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Kaylah Toves
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