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  • Sep 22, 10:07 am
Mr. V sports his favorite accessory: a beanie.

‘Mr. V’ Continues to Impact Students

Holly Ikeda, Editor In Chief March 11, 2022

Allen Vinta, affectionately called “Mr. V” by students, has been doing the Puka Mai Ka La “Mashing My Kalo” segment since 2015. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing in the 2021-2022 school...

Seasonal Blues can be a real, debilitating experience.

Not Everything is Merry During Christmas—And Here’s Why

Ivory Unga, Reporter February 8, 2022

“Feeling the winter blues” is a common experience for many during Christmas time. However, many feel as though the term is just another myth theorizing why humans feel the way they do. The lethargic...

Kamehameha Students walk to their classes, a simple action that should be cherished

Appreciating What We Have Before It’s Gone

Kaylah Toves, Reporter February 8, 2022

“I’ll have a grande iced caramel macchiato with almond milk and an extra shot of espresso, please.” Those are the words that leave my lips nearly every morning before I head to school.At...

Final Examinations: Dealing with the stress

Final Examinations: Dealing with the stress

Andreana La Pierre, Reporter February 8, 2022

With finals week being at its peak, it is normal for students to feel stressed.But there are ways to deal with this stress when it becomes too overwhelming! Rather than letting the feeling consume you,...

The class of 2022 poses for a picture after Makahiki

Residential life implements new changes

Tayvhe-Lei Kaupu-Galon, Reporter February 8, 2022

As the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year draws to an end, with the beginning of a new semester comes new and revised changes for the school, paritcularly within the resedential life program.With...

Photo   Caption:   David   Chauvin   kneeling   on   George   Floyd’s   neck   on   May 25, 2020.

Former Minneapolis Police Officer David Chauvin pleads guilty to depriving George Floyd of his Federal civil rights

Holly Ikeda, Editor in Chief February 8, 2022

George Floyd was killed on May 25 2020 by Former Minneapolis police officer, David Chauvin. On Dec. 15 2021, he pleaded guilty to depriving Floyd of his rights. Floyd died when Chauvin applied lethal...

AP Work:  Topo Much, Too Little, or Just Right?

AP Work: Topo Much, Too Little, or Just Right?

Logan Houghtailing, Reporter January 31, 2022

Advanced placement classes are designed to be more challenging; however, are AP programs everything students anticipate it to be? Is the workload fair- or rather too much or too little? “I believe...

The Crest of the Ivy League Universities, a symbol of the golden ticket that many high school seniors aspire.

The Golden Ticket: College, Elites, and the Myth of Upward Mobility

Joshua Ching, Reporter January 27, 2022

Curled up under a blanket to cool my heightened anxiety, I sent in a single application to Yale University – a summation of who I was, my pitch for why they should offer me the golden ticket...

Mayor Kirk Caldwell as of last week Monday, imposed a mandatory mask wearing ordinance to help combat the COVID-19

Living in a Pandemic Prompts Penelope Owen to Make Masks

Zaysha Akina-Mahoe, Staff Reporter April 30, 2020

While many are shuffling to find and buy masks, Penelope Owen constructs her own and encourages the public to learn and make their masks. Beginning this Monday, April 20, Kirk Caldwell, the mayor of Honolulu,...

Here is a picture of Aloha stadium fully maxed out due to rental cars

Corona Resolves Traffic

Lisa Hopoi, Staff Reporter April 30, 2020

There are many changes happening due to pandemic COVID-19. One main change that we see in Hawaii, is the lack of traffic. Oʻahu has a population of approximately 953,207 people which may become a bit...

Governors across the nation have begun efforts to reopen their states regardless if there has been a decline in their total COVID-19 cases.

America Needs to Stay in Quarantine Longer

Joby Lum, Website/Technology Director April 30, 2020

As of April 26th, there have been 957,875 confirmed cases of COVID-19  in the United States and a total of 53,922 deaths according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control. Most states havenʻt...

On this issue of Mahea Attempts to Think Deeply, it goes over the COVID-19 Quarantine

Mahea Attempts to Think Deeply: Quarantine Edition

Mahealani Deenik, Staff Reporter April 28, 2020

I wake up to the sounds of birds chirping loudly and the occasional zooming of cars passing the back of my house. It’s usually mid-morning or on the cusp of noon, so the sun is up, and the day has started...

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