Itʻs all About That Blended ʻInamona Topping


Photo Courtesy Of: Tayvhe-Lei Kaupu-Galon

Fresh ʻInamona fresh off the pan ready to add to poke.

Hawaiian Cuisine consists of many delectable foods, including poke, a dish consisting of fresh fish cut into varying sizes of cubes and topped with various sauces, vegetables, and such.


When thinking about poke, most think about that Fresh-caught fish cut up and thrown in a bowl to eat during lunch and dinner. Itʻs that one Hawaiian dish that nearly every local enjoys. But fish is not the only thing this food comes as. There are many different types of Poke, you can have Spicy Ahi Poke, or Ahi Shoyu Poke, California Avocado Poke, ʻInamona shoyu, Hawaiian poke and so much more. But each name means a different option. For example, the ʻInamona shoyu poke includes ginger, garlic, sesame oil, onion, ʻInamona and on occasion limu kohu. Each of these poke bowls are easy and simple to make. So if you are craving some poke and you want to make your own condiments like ʻInamona on your own, you came to the right place!


Most of the ingredients for these poke options can be easily found in the local stores. But one ingredient that is not as common is ʻInamona, made from roasted kukui nuts mixed with sea salt. ʻInamona is often seen in many different poke bowls and there are various ways and different ingredients you can use to make ʻInamona. For example, some families put Hawaiian chili peppers in their ʻInamona to spice it up. You donʻt want to put too much ʻInamona in your poke because kukui nuts are strong laxatives, if you eat too much you might be in the restroom for a bit. “Itʻs a very good topping ontop of poke, it has oil on it, so it doesnʻt make the poke so dry. You can tell the difference between Poke that has ʻinamona and does not have ʻinamona. Every Hawaiian style poke should have it inside the poke.” Said Honey Kaupu a manager for the meat department at KTA superstores Kealakekua, Hawaiʻi.

Ingredients for ʻInamona:

Brown kukui nut fruit (or just the nut)

1 tablespoon Sea Salt

Hawaiian Chili Pepper (optional)


  • Smash the brown kukui nut fruit underneath your foot to open it and remove the kukui nut from inside and repeat until all of the Kukui nuts have been removed.
  • Clean off all the dirt and possible roots from the kukui nuts
  • Place all kukui nuts in a pot to boil for 1 hour (this allows the rest of the dirt and bacteria to come off and meat to come out easily)
  • After boiling, remove and crack the kukui nuts open
  • Remove the inner meat from the kukui nuts
  • After removing the inner meat place in a blender and blend until your preference (not too large and not too small)
  • Remove the inner meat from the blender and place in a pan to roast add a tablespoon of sea salt
  • Cook until you get a nice golden color
  • Add Hawaiian Chili Pepper