Disney +: A Worthy Opponent for Netflix?


Courtesy of Disney Plus

Netflix now faces another opponent in the video streaming industry. Will Disney+ become the new sensation?

Hannah Mahealani Roehm, Staff Reporter

Calling all Disney fanatics! A new streaming service has just been released, and it’s got everything a die-hard Disney fan would want. Disney Plus officially launched on November 12 in Canada, U.S., and the Netherlands, registering over 10 million subscribers in a little more than 24 hours. At only $7.00 a month, subscribers will be able to stream shows, originals, and movies from the Walt Disney studio, including Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars franchises! Since Netflix is plotted to be Disney’s biggest competitor, they did not renew their streaming deal. As a result, all of the Disney universe will be removed from Netflix in late 2019, making Disney Plus the only way to access the studio’s films. Disney Plus also provides HDR10 and Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio, four simultaneous streams, and 4K Ultra HD in Dolby Vision, all features Netflix requires viewers to charge extra for. Fans are currently pleased with Disney Plus’s simplicity, with only one payment plan in comparison to Netflix’s three, the most expensive one being $16.00. There will also be unlimited mobile downloads available for Disney Plus subscribers, along with no constraints on the number of times a title is downloaded. The only limit is phone storage! The streaming app will provide captioning, navigation assistance, and descriptive audio for subscribers with disabilities.

Despite the setbacks of strictly streaming Disney, subscribers seem pleased with the new service and excited to watch new originals such as Star Wars’ “The Mandalorian”. Disney Plus has a promising future ahead of itself!