“TickTock?” No Silly, “TikTok”: What You Need to Know About Everyone’s New Favorite App


Courtesy of Fox News

Tik Tok is the newest viral app used by teenagers and young adults.

Instagram and Snapchat have been pushed aside to welcome a “new” app into teenagers’ phones. The world of Tiktok has taken Kamehameha by storm. 

TikTok is a social media video app that allows users to create and share short dance or comedy videos with others. It evolved from the formerly popular app, Musical.ly in September 2017, but only recently gained traction this past summer. Ads for TikTok have popped up everywhere recently, pulling more people into downloading the app and making TikToks of their own. 

Upon opening the app, the user is greeted with a never-ending feed of videos, known as the “For You” page, which houses multitudes of various content creators. The main reason as to why so many people got hooked on TikTok is due to how easy it is. There are so many challenges and memes on the app that interest people, making them want to join in, like POV videos, dance routines, or “private school check videos”.

An avid TikTok user, Elena Edwards said, “Everyone was curious about TikTok because of the videos they had seen on other social media platforms. Many people decided to go on TikTok to make fun of them, but after a while, everyone deep down inside started to love it.”

TikTok is such an inclusive community, and it has built its home right in the heart of Kamehameha High School. Around every corner and during any ounce of spare time, there will always be some students or groups of students making a tiktok. TikTok has essentially become a part of Kamehameha’s student culture. Everyone knows the dances, they know the memes, and they know about the infamous “VSCO” girl. TikTok has created a new dynamic at school, where everyone knows about it and talks about it in their daily lives. 

“The content on TikTok is hilarious and relatable to teens nowadays. Our generation is very sad to be honest, but TikTok makes it a lot better. Being able to relate and connect with other students over this app is just one other reason why I enjoy it so much,” said “OG Tiktoker”, Makana Montallana.