Student Businesses


Due to the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students were forced to make use of the endless hours spent at home by branching out and cultivating newfound hobbies. One of the hobbies that was picked up by a few students on campus is entrepreneurship – more specifically, crafting and selling jewelry.

Kc Aipoalani, a KS Senior, is one of the people who decided to turn their hobby into a business, found on Instagram @kaycecreates.

When speaking with Kc, she said, “I started making bracelets in middle school, then started making rings during COVID-19 because I had seen people making it on Instagram and TikTok and wanted to try it out.” She describes her jewelry as “fun, colorful, and affordable”, adding that it is like “summertime or springtime jewelry.”

Although Aipoalani started her business in the height of the pandemic, she said she stopped the business for a while due to her busy schedule with school and a slight loss in motivation. “I’m getting back into it, thankfully! I’m actually starting a sun and moon collection of necklaces, based on the movie ‘Twitches’.” says Kc. Currently, she sells her necklaces for $10 and her bracelets for $5.

Another student-entrepreneur is Senior Jada Lee, who goes by @kuuleijewelry on Instagram and has over 500 followers. When asked about what prompted her to start a business, Jada said, “I’ve always been passionate about art”, adding that she’s always been a creative person.

Similarly to Kc, Jada says that she got into jewelry making at the start of the pandemic in March of 2020. “Instagram is such an easy way to market and share products, so I decided to just create an account to share my jewelry.” Lee states. She describes her jewelry as “dainty pieces” that incorporate crystals and pearls.

“I also use my jewelry business to work with organizations to facilitate beach clean ups because I also really like working in nature and promoting sustainability.” Along with that, Jada sources her materials from small businesses on Etsy and local sellers to “try to be as sustainable and ethical as possible”. She states, “I didn’t really expect it to go anywhere but it’s really cool to see people around school wearing my jewelry.”

Go check out @kaycecreates and @kuuleijewelry on Instagram and support these talented students!