KS Highschoolers Experience Serious Laptop Problems


From rapid battery decline to connectivity issues, technical difficulties have made using a laptop inconvenient for many high schoolers.

It has been over three years since seniors received their KS-issued laptops. That means it has been approximately two years for juniors and one year for sophomores. During this period, Covid-19 forced the entire KS campus to learn primarily online for several months. Zoom became the new universal classroom for classes ranging from English to Band.

While Zoom proved to be a mostly functional alternative to traditional in-person classes, many haumāna complain that it has also led to long-term consequences for their laptops. The issue at hand is known as “Zoom Fatigue.” In the same way, being in a Zoom call for too long makes someone tired, computers become weary as well.

“During online school, my laptop before I switched it out was really bad. It wouldn’t turn on until I plugged it in the charger”, said KS senior Kaʻena Fermantez.”

Several haumāna, especially upperclassmen, have said that they leave their laptops in their chargers while they are working, regardless of their battery percentage. Others claim that some programs on their laptop frequently crash or do not work at all.

To solve these issues, laptop rollouts have begun and haumāna are strongly encouraged to complete their online safety training to receive a new laptop. As of now, all sign-ups in September are booked. More slots are to be added in the coming months.

Haumāna who experience any problems regarding their laptops are encouraged to report to their grade’s PRC for assistance. Appointments to receive a replacement laptop can be made at https://blogs.ksbe.edu/kekoilipi/.