Amazing Athletes: Keola Yim


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Keola Yim commits to William Jessup University for baseball

Kamehameha Baseball Player commits to William Jessup University. 

Many people play sports, but not everyone gets a chance to play at a higher level. Keola Yim a  Senior at KSK, fortunately, gets this chance.  

Yim says, “one of my main motivations for playing baseball is to see how far baseball can take me along my life. Growing up I knew that I wanted to play at the next level, and that’s what  motivated me to keep on getting better every day.”  

Some of his major highlights he has had while playing baseball is all the people that he has met.  “Playing against other players on the island, you start to form a connection with them or the team that they play for. Then it expands when you travel to parts of the mainland to play travel  baseball.” Said Yim.  

After visiting a few colleges over break, Keola has decided to take his talents to William Jessup  University. Yim said “After visiting a few schools, I had to choose between William Jessup or  Saint Martins University. Saint Martins had a lot of Hawaii students and a good amount of  Hawaii boys on the baseball team. The coaches were very welcoming, but financially it would be very hard to make it work. At William Jessup, it was a very welcoming experience as well. A  quarter of the team is from Hawaii, and the coaches were very welcoming. I had a workout at their facilities, and it was really top-notch. I realized that William Jessup was a great place to  grow as a player and a person, which is why I choose to attend William Jessup.”  

A personal goal of his is to be successful at this next playing level. Yim says “Playing college baseball is new to me, so it will take some time getting used to the higher levels of competition.  But my goal is to be successful playing college baseball, and hopefully, proceed to a higher level  of baseball.”  

At William Jessup University, Keola plans on majoring in accounting. He has realized that it could take him very far in life in the working world and accounting is very versatile. He also said he may double major in exercise science, hoping that he will be able to run a business relating these two majors together.