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Mahea Attempts to Think Deeply: A Touch of Empathy

Being able to understand how to empathize with a person can lead to more positive outcomes on campus

Mahealani Deenik, Staff Reporter

March 14, 2020

Empathy, defined by the dictionary, means “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person.” Now, this is not an unfamiliar concept to the human race as it is a part of human nature, but is it practiced effectively? Looking at empathy through a more technical perspective, APS...

Mahea Attempts To Think Deeply: Ok Boomer

The term

Mahealani Deenik, Staff Reporter

March 7, 2020

Videos tagged with "#OKBoomer" on trending social media platform, TikTok, have racked up over 44.6 million views and the plethora of memes posted to Instagram and Twitter revolving around this popular phrase draws attention to the awakening of an already prominent divide between generations of age. Wikipedia...

Mahea Attempts to Think Deeply: Reevaluating the Kamehameha Student Identity

Students are facing a dilemma on the topic of cultural identity and religion.

Mahealani Deenik, Staff Reporter

March 6, 2020

Hawaiian. Culturally-grounded. Hyper-motivated. Industrious. Respectful. Diverse. Loyal. A few adjectives mentioned when I asked a couple of my classmates what comes to mind when they think about the traits of a traditional Kamehameha High School student. Although the Kamehameha student identity embodies...

Three Staff Memberʻs Articles Recognized By Best of SNO

3 Members of our staff receive an award for their stories on the introduction of Bill 40

Ka Mōʻī Staff 2019-2020

February 26, 2020

On Feb. 26, Mahealani Deenik, Joby Lum, and Holly Ikeda of the Ka Mōʻī had their stories published on Best of SNO. This would be the first story accepted onto the Best of SNO platform. The Best of SNO is a platform that our WebHost SNO uses to display stories that are of the highest quality out of...

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