Covid Safety in Sports


Teammates share a moment together before facing Punahou in their first game

With sports starting again, Kamehameha Schools has implemented many new rules to ensure the safety of nā haumāna.

The KS website lists new rules and restrictions, the goal being to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus on the campus.

Some of these rules include: no sharing of athletic equipment, all athletic equipment, including balls, need to be cleaned after and prior to each use, free weight exercises that require a spotter are prohibited, no water cows, no water through, and no water fountain.

Kamehameha Kapalamaʻs first football game versus Punahou was a welcomed event for KS student athletes. Micah Mahiai, a senior on the KSK Varsity team said “honestly it feels so good to be back on the field and being able to do something I love. During COVID times it was tough because we missed out on a whole season. But, it feels great to see all of the teammates come together, working hard, and being able to play again”.

For the unvaccinated player a rapid testing is a mandatory prerequisite to play in the game. Even with the proactive measures, a KS player tested positive for the COVID-19 virus causing both the Kamehameha and Punahou team to be quarantined. There is also another confirmed postive test from a KS player. A negative test is require for the student atheletes to return to school.