The KS Varsity Cheer Team: Preparing for the Chance of a Lifetime


Courtesy of Tehani Teves

Cheer team gets in formation to begin a band dance.

Kiana Kalahele, Staff Reporter

With the cheerleaders being occupied with football games, ILH competition, and states competition as well, they now have one more thing to focus on: nationals.

 The last time that the KS cheer team went to nationals was during the 2014-2015 school year, and finally, they are going back. 

The cheer team will be attending the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship located at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, Florida. At this competition, the team will be performing a 2 ½ minute routine, as well as participating in “Game Day” divisions, where they call out football cheers. The KS Varsity cheerleaders can’t wait to go to nationals. 

“The rest of my team and I are very excited for this experience, due to the fact that it has been many years since a Kamehameha cheer team has competed at nationals. Our main goal like any other team is to win of course, but more importantly, to represent and uphold the legacy of Kamehameha Cheer in Florida. We want to continue to be known for our strength and our humbleness,” said 11th grade varsity cheerleader, Maile Look.

The KS cheerleaders are not only taught new routines and stunts, but they are also taught to build their values with one another. Their bond as a team is what gives them the strength and motivation to succeed.

Rachel Radona, a junior on the varsity team said, “Of course there is drama that occurs on the team, but what’s so amazing about this team is that, not only are we a family inside practice, but outside of practice as well. With this new commitment to nationals, I can see everyone’s dedication to this program, we know how to work with each other.”

The varsity cheerleaders are continuing to prepare themselves for nationals. They are working much harder – learning even more stunts and having to remember multitudes of cheers. However, they have worked for this; they will do whatever it takes to show off only the best at nationals. 

Kiana Kea, a 4th year varsity cheerleader said, “When I was a freshman, the coaches told us to keep practicing and keep getting better. They told us that one of our years we would be able to go to nationals. I am now a senior, and I’m finally getting that chance that I had been waiting years for.”