Meet the KS Distance Boys!

KS Distance Boys striking a pose

Photo by Jordan Nunies

KS Distance Boys striking a pose

Jordan Nunies, Social Media Director

  Since the start of school, there has been movement on Konia field. A group of boys, led by Jonah Domingo, play ultimate frisbee every day. They’re better known as the KS Distance boys. 

           The KS Distance boys can be found playing ultimate frisbee before the start of school and during the Intervention and Enrichment period. This group shares the common goal of making memories and having fun throughout their high school career. This adventure started with Jonah Domingo. 

           When asked how this entire activity began, Domingo said, “Me and Will (William Ho) bought two frisbees, and we brought it to (Cross Country) practice.”  

           Before playing Ultimate Frisbee on Konia Field, games took place at Cross Country practice. 

           The New 2019-2020 Bell Schedule provides the boys with opportunities to practice their disk throwing skills. However, their games of Ultimate Frisbee and training time can be for anyone to enjoy. Kanoa Jacang, a fellow cross country runner said, “It’s not exclusive to us- If anyone wants to play, anyone can play.” 

  From time to time, teachers have asked to participate in their games. While on the other hand, the High School Administration has asked several times if the boys would cooperate and put the frisbees away. 

           The KS Distance boys hope to expand their hobby into a club. Perhaps even a Varsity sport, with each Highschool supporting and providing their own Varsity Ultimate Frisbee team.