End Of JV Tennis Season


The girls Junior Varsity Tennis team pose for a picture as their great season comes to an end.

As first quarter came flying by, so did this years JV Girls Tennis season. This season has been a very eventful one with just about 20 players participating this season. Coached by Randall Shin, these young ladies were able to rank 4th place overall against all other particaipating ILH schools. It was a great season with both new and returning players, all of which supported each other in both practice and games.  

The tennis season is split into two rounds. For the first round, all of the teams play against each other in a randomly selected order. After the first round is over, the teams with the least amount of wins play against each other in what is called the lower bracket to decide what place they came in for the season. The top four teams with the least amount of losses go head-to-head against each other in the top bracket to decide which two teams will play against each other in a championship game. This year, the girls ranked 4th place right underneath ʻIolani, Mid Pacific Institute, and Punahou’s Blue team. They were extremely close matches but all the girls played their best. Overall, this tennis season was quite successful. Intermediate tennis season begins on Monday the 24th, so come and participate in Kamehameha Tennis! I Mua