As students make their way back to in-person learning, a number of changes to the dress code accompany their return.

This year, Kamehameha Schools’ dress code guidelines are no longer divided by gender – including all hair, attire, and outerwear rules. Special events attire, or dress whites, are also included under these new non-gender-restrictive provisions.

All students, however, are only allowed to wear windbreaker jackets, cardigan sweaters, and pullover sweatshirts in white, navy blue, royal blue, or grey. All outerwear must be advertisement-free, in a solid color in the aforementioned shades, and in an open front style. Hats can no longer be worn as well.

With these new changes, some students are expressing concern with the new regulations, particularly when it comes to outerwear. “I think Kamehameha has placed unnecessary restrictions on our self-expression,” says senior Izzy Poepoe. “How would wearing a different colored, non-Kamehameha hoodie deter from my education?”

Other students, however, view the new dress code changes in a positive light. Senior Keola Kaniho says that the removal of gender divisions has improved student self-expression through hair. “I feel like I have more freedom to wear my hair how I want,” he says. “And for people who might’ve struggled with their identity, they now have the opportunity to be more of who they are.”

In previous years, Kamehameha Schools required all men to have their hair cut in a way that prevents it from falling below their eyebrows, touching their collars, and for sideburns, from descending below their earlobes.