Career Fair


On Wednesday, Oct. 19, the Kamehameha counseling department held a career fair on Konia Field during period 6. 

This was the second career fair of the year and it focused on careers in areas such as Food and Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Hospitality. There were representatives from Hawaiian Airlines, the Hawaiʻi Convention Center, The Hawaii Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement, and even Disney.

Students are encouraged to attend and sign in using the QR codes posted up around the fair: the more students who attend, the more opportunities for future career fairs. 

 Freshmen Mikioi and Haliʻa said that “It’s very eye-opening when you learn about prospective career choices that benefit the lāhui.” 

In addition, senior Breylin Dano, along with classmates Sarai and Rylee said “We just got here and we’re having fun. I’m interested in Hawaiian Airlines so I’m excited to see them.”

These career fairs offer students many opportunities. Students can learn about potential future careers they hadn’t known about, and even college opportunities they hadn’t known about. For example, Disney can pay for your college tuition if you work for them. 

Career fairs are great for everyone, whether you’re there for one job in particular or just want some free swag. You can also grab a potential college opportunity for the future. So, next time there’s a career fair on campus, check it out!