New Semester Means New Covid-19 Guidelines for KS


KS outlines criteria for determining close contacts throughout its three campuses

With the coming of a new year, new changes can always be expected. For KS, this has meant numerous adjustments to coronavirus protocol campus-wide.


Due to a sizable uptick of coronavirus cases, KS administrators have had to rethink and readjust their approach to mitigating the spread of Omicron. In turn, this has meant changes to vaccination/immunization status, quarantine periods, safety protocol, and more. Here’s what you need to know.


First and foremost, KS has outlined new quarantine guidelines for those considered to be close contacts of infected individuals. Previously, vaccinated individuals deemed to be close contacts were not required to quarantine unless they experienced symptoms. While that fact still remains, those same guidelines now apply to people who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past three months, regardless of whether they are vaccinated, unvaccinated, or boosted. 


There have also been modifications to designated quarantine periods. Unvaccinated haumāna who are deemed as close contacts will be required to quarantine for a total of 5 days and monitor symptoms. However, it should be noted that a negative test is not required to return.


Similar guidelines apply to those who are vaccinated. Vaccinated students must quarantine for five days after testing positive. After completing a five-day quarantine, students should take an antigen test determining whether or not they still remain positive. If a student tests positive on day five, they should quarantine for another five days (though once again, this is not required). Upon return to school, a negative test is not required.


As for safety protocol, KS has ramped up some of its original safety standards. Both kumu and haumāna are still required to wear a mask at all times unless eating or drinking. However, with the recent increase in cases, free periods are once again being monitored. Additionally, KS kicked off the school year in hybrid form, with day students learning from home, and borders returning to campus.

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