Residential life implements new changes

Covid protocols provide more safety for boarding students


The class of 2022 poses for a picture after Makahiki

As the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year draws to an end, with the beginning of a new semester comes new and revised changes for the school, paritcularly within the resedential life program.With the reopening of the residential life program after the holidays new mandates have been put into place for the safety of the haumāna. In order for students to return to campus for the second semester, all students must be vaccinated or have an approved exemption. Otherwise, students will be asked to attend full distance learning until such time that they receive the COVID-19 vaccine or some sort of exemption, and will not return to the dormitories for the remainder of the school year. All dormitories will follow these new guidelines that have been set apart by the COVID response team. There are a number of students who are vaccinated but there are still some, very few, that cannot receive the vaccination but wish to. In response to the news about the new vaccine mandate, a student from the class of 2023 said, “We do not have control over if we can get the vaccine. Our parents have control over it, I would love to get vaccinated. I have an exempion but I wish they would acknowledge that fact.” The vaccine as some people put it, is a way to return back to some sort of normalcy. A senior from the class of 2022 said, “I think its lame, but necessary. I respect everyones decision, but it would just make life easier.” Many people do “research” but their sources are not credible or do not have the correct medical credibility. An anonymous person said, “Science is proven. The misconception is that the vaccine should make you ʻbulletproof,ʻ but itʻs only supposed to prevent. It is good to question things, everybody wants to be an authoritarian and feel empowered, but they should do actual ʻresearchʻ with medical credibility.”