What’s To be Expected for Founders Day and Song Contest This Year?

It’s 2021 people. A new school year. A new class on the hill. A new hope for normalcy. The 2021-2022 school has much to offer now that students are back on the hill, and events like Founders Day and Song Contest are one’s that I’m sure everyone doesn’t want to miss.

Founders Day photo courtesy of Kamehameha Schools

Coming around the bend in December is traditionally, per se -Founders Day. This is a day set aside to celebrate the birthday of Hawai’i’s beloved princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. In tangent with this celebration is usually a set of senior activities as well; senior tea, a trip to Mauna‘Ala, and walking down the aisle of the gym to a seat set in an arc on the floor of Kēkūhaupiʻo Gym. Relaying information from Principal Erskine, “We are planning to do our events in person but they will need to be adjusted given that we cannot have ALL of our students in many spaces right now.” Apprehension surrounds Founders’ Day, and Erskine says, “What is planned will depend on what is allowed relative to distancing as well as gathering numbers.” Further information is set to be released to all haumāna and staff as the date nears.

Song Contest photo courtesy of Kamehameha Schools

This uncertainty surrounding a KS tradition is not unique to just Founders Day either, traditionally held during March and right before spring break is kicked off, Song Contest has been a century’s worth tradition here at Kamehameha High School. Song Contest showcases each high school class and their respective mele’s as they compete for a stake in winning shining pride. The activity is a beloved tradition to both students, staff, and alumni, who either observe or partake in the respectfully feisty competition. According to Kumu Alika Young, “at the moment we are uncertain of what direction we’ll be headed for Song Contest 2022.” Many students hold the hope that they will be able to compete in person, under the shining lights of the arena, as years of students have done before and it’s looking like this might be a possibility. Young shares, “At a minimum, we are hoping that students will be able to sing together, in-person, and for each song to be judged. Although, the health and state of our campus community and general community will dictate what we will be able to do and not to do.”

Only time will tell for these beloved traditions and activities.