New School Year, New Student Drivers


Andreana La Pierre, Reporter

Student drivers are ecstatic to be driving to school this year. Many are excited to finally be able to use their driver’s licenses and not have to rely on others to transport them to and from school. The independence that comes from driving is something that students have been looking forward to for many years.

Last year, with the growth of COVID-19 and full distance learning, there were no student drivers at KS. Juniors and seniors have been waiting from freshman year to be able to drive and the time has finally come.

Senior student driver Isabelle Poepoe said, “I love driving because it makes me feel independent and it’s a reminder of how far our class has grown up throughout these past four years.”

With the relief of finally being able to drive, comes the reminder that we are growing up and beginning to have more responsibilities. A bittersweet feeling indeed.

“I like driving because of the freedom it allows me to have,” said senior Jaelynn Solidum.

The privilege of being a student driver enables students to cherish the trust their guardians have put in them.

All students must have a parking pass issued from the ʻAkahi student center and may not park on campus if they do not have one. One-day parking passes are also available for purchase and the one-day parking spaces are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

For this yearʻs student drivers, they are able to park at Kekuhaupiʻo parking structure and catch available shuttle buses from the bus shack or walk to their classes.