Are We Prepared For A Disaster?


Joby Lum

The Kamehameha Schools Emergency Pamphlet contains procedure for teacher and faculty to refer to in the event of an emergency on campus.

Joby Lum, Website/Technology Director

In recent years, disasters like wildfires, earthquakes, active shooters, etc, are occurring at a frequent rate across the world. Disaster can strike at any time and can be man-made or natural.

The Kamehameha Schools Kapālama security and safety team developed an emergency pamphlet that informs teachers and faculty on how to respond to certain types of events. Some of these events include hurricanes/tropical storms, shelter in place, hostage situations, armed intruders, etc.

Occasionally, Kamehameha Schools conducts fire alarm drills and shelter in place. After the Jan. 13th false ballistic missile warning, Kamehameha Schools conducted a missile drill that involved everyone on campus sheltering in mass meeting areas such as Midkiff or the auditorium.

When asked if teachers knew how to respond to the emergencies listed on the emergency pamphlet, a faculty member who wanted to remain anonymous said, “I know nothing on there but shelter in place. I know what to do but not the procedures listed on the pamphlet”.

Students are familiar with only two types of drills which are fire drills and shelter in place. Students would need to follow the commands of the teacher, faculty, or staff that are supervising the class. Keʻalohi Chu, a senior, said ” I don’t think anyone is prepared for a disaster like a nuclear bomb or armed intruders. We don’t perform any drills, go over plans, or really speak on those types of issues.”

When asked if students should also be apart of drills pertaining to the emergency pamphlet, Andrew Lai said, “We should have more drills and students and Kumu should be more involved in it. You can never be too safe”.