Ka Mōʻī App Launch News


Joby Lum

The Ka Mōʻī Staff will be spending the whole day at the booth giving those who download the app a free Kamehameha Brownie

On Feb. 4, Ka Mōʻī had their app launch party. The launch will include a booth between Auditorium and Midkiff that runs all day through the I&E period. There will also be another booth at Paki 101 which will operate during the I&E period. For those who download the app, they will receive a free Kamehameha Brownie.

The Ka Mō’ī App gives users access to the Ka Mōʻī website through the use of a phone app. The app is available on both the Apple and Google Play stores. This app will have news stories produced by the Ka Mōʻī staff as well as  Puka Mai Ka Lā, daily bulletin, School Announcements, etc.

The app was the product of a 5-month long process that was started by our Website/Technology Director, Joby Lum. When asked about why he created the app, Lum said “I wanted to be able to expand our reach as a newspaper and I thought that using an app would make it convenient for students to access our content”. The creation of the app has not only made Kamehameha Schools one of the first with a mobile app for their newspaper but has allowed Lum to host a presentation at the JEA/NSPA 2020 Spring Convention in Nashville Tennesee.

Here is the current number of scans throughout the day (Please note, download data will not be available until tomorrow):

Period 2                10

Period 4                96

Lunch Block 1 .   147

Lunch Block 2     213

Period 6                219

Period 8                280

Due to the high amount of students downloading our app, we were unable to distribute Kamehameha Brownies during the I&E period. Mahalo to everyone who made this a successful app launch!