Students And Staff Balance The Pros And Cons of Our New Bell Schedule


Holly Ikeda

Out with the old and in with the new.

Every new year comes with its twists and turns but this year students and staff were thrown a curveball: our New Bell schedule. It’s gained its praise and piled up some complaints, but is it better than the old schedule? 

7:35-8:15 AM is the new homeroom block: this gives students the time to finish homework for the day, watch Puka Mai Ka La without taking away class time, easy access to morning announcements, and it ensures that all students are in the right place before school begins. From 2:30-3:10 PM students have Intervention & Enrichment. During this time students go in for study help, participate in clubs, workout, do homework, or hang out with their friends. 

There is no denying the amount of free time the new schedule gives us. Also, students are released at 1:15  so that teachers can work on improving our school. According to a recent poll of over 100 students and staff,70% favored the new schedule and 30% did not. 

With more free time built into the schedule. A concern was if students would take advantage of the free time that was given but that does not seem like a problem. “The extra free time is great, I get my work done and do not stress out over retakes or going in for help.” A student said. 

Students in the lower campus have 3 classes with no breaks, classes do not flip so your teachers will always see you either tired in the morning, starving before lunch or tired at the end of the day. On the flip side, the free time makes the days easier to get through. 

The teachers enjoy homeroom in the morning and I&E in the afternoon, it is easier for students to catch up or get help. The main complaint from teachers are about the shorter classes, “if the school wants the students and staff to be the best they can be, then why are they taking away valuable learning time?” Meredith Kuba, an honors chemistry teacher, exclaimed when she saw that class was almost over. 

Another major complaint it’s about the lunch blocks. Students that are unable to find seats, there are long lines and crowds. Sometimes students will opt out of eating is they feel like Akahi is too crowded and this is obviously not healthy. “What about grab and go?” you might ask, even grab and go can get backed up when there is half the school to feed.

In the end, the majority of our staff and students have good things to say about the new schedule and a few things to complain about.