Students are Displeased, and Object Against School Schedule


Saige Ogden, Staff Reporter

With the new school schedule and its demanding rules, come many inconveniences and difficulties for the student body.

A major issue being experienced with the new rules is the lack of free time students are getting during the school day, and how it is affecting their grades along with their mental and physical health conditions.

According to a variety of students around campus, many have concurred with the idea that the new required class schedule is a major inconvenience. Senior, Punahele Latu stated, “Due to the new schedule, I am not able to have my quiet study time anymore. I don’t understand why it is necessary to stay in P.E. the entire time where it is crowded and constantly loud when we could instead be going to a quiet workplace and completing all our work. This is all just very stressful. In previous years, students were given two free periods and are now expected to adjust to one disposed free.”

Junior Lana Tennant said, “I know for a lot of students, we don’t have many frees, which contradicts the whole idea of the board wanting us to improve our academic standards yet showing us differently by not giving us any time to get things done.”

This new schedule affects all students but has the most severe impact on students involved in extra-curricular activities. Senior, Austin Gunthrie said “I am not a big fan of guidance, Ekalesia, or P.E. because as a student-athlete I need to take advantage of my free time to get work done in school, since it is very late by the time I get home at night and won’t have the energy to stay up late to get things done.”

Junior varsity volleyball player Tara Desa said “It is very difficult because as a student-athlete I get home late and don’t have time to do homework before I have to get to sleep. I used to count on having my free periods, then come to find out I either have guidance or something else that requires mandatory attendance.”