Boarding Undergoes Scrutiny Due To Safety Concerns


Shaniya Sakurada, Staff Reporter

On Sunday, Sep. 23, in pursuit for answers, campus security led a search for banned objects in one of the KS dormitories.

The boarding handbooks state that “KS reserves the right to search students lockers, dormitory living quarters, cars, persons and personal possessions if there is reasonable suspicion.”

Reprimands for having or distributing contraband items within boarding include, and are not limited to: suspension, expulsion, student not being able to attend ASKS events [Sophomore Banquet, Prom, Dances], they will have to endure once a month randomized drug testing, and they aren’t able to check out on the weekends.

Consequences for infractions are not as severe as they have been in the past. “I think students get a second chance, but there are limitations imposed as a consequence in which the student may participate in school activities and also required guidance/counseling in helping them to not make the same mistake again,” said head dorm advisor for Kapuaiwa, Mrs. Richelle L-C.

Before the 2018-2019 school year, students caught with contraband items were to leave the campus immediately and depending on the infraction [1-5], they wouldn’t be able to come back to school for a whole semester or even a full school year.

If you have anything to report, notify the Hi’ikua Helpline, by calling 1-844-284-2640 or going to their online site