SAT Controversy

As Hawaiʻi residents know, a hurricane scare swept the islands the week of Aug. 25, a scheduled SAT test date.

After the hurricane passed the islands, it was determined that Sep. 15th would become the makeup test date for all the Hawaiian Islands.

As students arrived at Kamehameha’s testing site on Sep. 15, they noticed the number of foreign people. Zane Diaz, a senior at Kamehameha Schools says, “While I was coming up Puna Gate the day of the makeup test, there were tour buses everywhere.”

There have been controversies that the August 25thtest (the exact exam that was also used for the September 15thmakeup test) had been distributed last fall in Asia and was written in Mandarin, giving foreign students an advantage. It is said that the answers to this recycled test had been circulating the internet. Rumors have been going around that test scores could be canceled for the September 15th test.

Mike Fuller and Kristopher Marr, the senior class counselors stated that the results for the August 25th test were sent out to students in the mainland. Because these test scores were not cancelled, it is seemingly unlikely that the makeup test scores will be canceled.