Ambassadors of Photography and Videography Club Welcomes New Members


Club founders, from left to right: Rory Keli’ikipi, Anuhea Tanoura, Leah Feato, Connor Slavens

Ambassadors of Photography and Videography Club Welcomes New Members
Shaniya Sakurada

The Kamehameha schools Ambassadors of Photography and Videography Club (APV) is encouraging high school photographers and videographers to join the club.

Anyone with or without photography skills is welcomed to join.

The club is run by president, Rory Keliʻikipi (12), vice president, Connor Slavens (12), Secretary, Anuhea Tanoura (12), and Secretary, Leah Feato (12).

“This club is a place for people to be showcased and also to build a photography portfolio,” said Rory Keliʻipiki.

They plan to take many field trips to give students opportunities to take photos and videos, possibly even an off-island trip.

“We’d also like to invite professional photographer and videographers and give you (the students) an opportunity to get advice on how to become better,” said Keliʻipiki.

Club meetings are to be held at least once a week, participation is key for those wanting to go on field trips. More information to come as the ASKS still need to approve of the club, which is to be determined by September 19.

If any students would like to join, you can contact the clubʻs president Rory Keliʻipiki at [email protected]. You are also able to Direct Message the Clubʻs instagram @ksaphotovideo.