Thanksgiving Passes, But Being Thankful Hasn’t


Editor and Chief Sasha Cox 12, and her boyfriend Marcus Young 12, enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with family.

Thanksgiving is a holiday for food, family, and friends. Students elaborated on how they spent their four days off of school with some very interesting stories. Everything from heart pounding football games, to the “cherreh” parties, and even the Netflix marathons that occurred during the festivities of Thanksgiving.

“This weekend was pretty crazy, I slept for over 12 hours, got some Spicy Ahi from 7-11 and hung out with the boys,” said senior Kalai Ortiz.

While other students’ holiday weekend included a dreaded biathlon, or the crazed black Friday deal-dash, it was good to see that students are thankful for many things.

“I am thankful for Pauahi, my family, Abby and Tayea” said senior Micah Mizo.

While family and friends were among the things people had the most thanks for, some people shared other answers like being thankful for “money,” being able to play “the greatest game in the world, ‘baseball,’” or even just being off of school for two days not including the weekend.

A new holiday called, Friendsgiving, is a holiday that a few students elaborated on. Seniors Abby Mahoe and Tayea Chun explained how their circle of friends got together with some Thanksgiving spirit and held a “Friendsgiving Dinner.”

With the holidays rolling by students will continue to remain festive and thankful. With the next holiday, Christmas, coming around the corner, look out for more festive and friendly students around the campus!