Sinister Clown Craze Takes Nation By Storm


Two clowns allegedly carrying weapons stand outside of a car window.

Shannon Hussey, Staff Reporter

Reports are surfacing from multiple states of the “clown craze” that has caused nation-wide panic. These “clowns” have been known to attempt to lure children and women into the woods.

The first “sighting” of the clowns was in Greenville, California, where a woman reported that her son had seen clowns whispering and making strange noises in the woods alongside her home. This was the first case reported to the police.

With the start of this new craze, it has struck a soft spot for parents around the globe. Many parents are scared for the danger that could come about with these recent clown incidents.

What started as a practical prank, soon turned into a disturbing and alarming act from the now recent sightings of clowns carrying weapons such as: knives, golf clubs, and chainsaws.

When getting a comment on the “clown craze”, high school student Noah Cosson said, “I thought that the clown issue was okay at first, but now people are taking it too far and a lot of innocent people feel unsafe.” With this, Cosson, is able to share his concern for the safety and well-being of the people adding to the difficulty and hurt that this craze has caused thus far.

In recent acts, this “clown craze” is now being seen as an act of desperation for attention. People are now using “clowns” as a way to strike fear in the eyes of many, particularly children.

Based off of the “killer” clown craze, others have decided to give advice on the issue at hand, such as, high school student, Punawai P.H.  Padayhag-Himalaya said, “If you are to come in contact with a clown remember it is just another human behind that mask and be cautious of this will help you not risk doing something that could get you hurt.”

As a result of this clown craze, hundreds of people are taking major precautions to ensure the safety of themselves as well as their community. People are now realizing the seriousness of the clown situation and are now taking the measures needed to ensure their protection.