Ka Makana Aliʻi: A New Mall For West Oʻahu Residents


Ka Makana Aliʻi, a new mall on the Leeward side of Oʻahu, provides West Oʻahu residents with a shopping mall near home.

Jherica Raposa, Staff Reporter

Ka Makana Aliʻi, a new shopping mall, officially opened on Friday October 21, 2016 in Kapolei. Ka Makana Aliʻi is said to be 1.4 million-square feet, upon its future completion,  making it the second largest shopping complex on O’ahu behind Ala Moana shopping center.

The mall will eventually feature 150 stores; So far, Ka Makana Aliʻi features stores like Forever 21, H&M, T&C, Rip Curl, Victoria Secret, and many more. The mall also features dining options like California Pizza Kitchen, Five Guys, and Cinnabons.

Ka Makana Aliʻi also features the ‘Olino movie theater, a consolidated theaters company, making it the third movie theater in Kapolei. ʻOlino features new reclining movie seats, similar to the movie theater located at the Kapolei Commons. It also features modern drinking fountains with a wide selection of drinks to choose from.

The name of the shopping mall, Ka Makana Aliʻi, means “The Royal Gift.” This name pays tribute to Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole; the mall was made as a perpetual gift to give thanks to Prince Kuhio for allotting thousands of acres of government land to Native Hawaiians by enacting the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. The mall’s focus was to pay tribute to Hawaiian values and the community it was built in. According to Ka Makana Aliʻi’s official website, “The Ka Makana Aliʻi logo features ti leaves, a symbol of good luck in Hawaiʻi that signifies prosperity. The encircled ti leaves represent the vision of Ka Makana Aliʻi as the ‘Center of West Oʻahu,’ while the subtle use of hands in making reinforces the meaning of the center’s name.”

The day of the mall’s grand opening, thousands of residents from the west side of Oʻahu, paid visit to the mall. The grand opening was celebrated with fireworks and live performances in the center of the mall. Many are celebrating not only the new stores and eating places, but also the many new job opportunities the mall has to offer for local leeward residents.