IUCN Leaves its Mark on Hawaiʻi

Hawai’i played host to the largest conservation event on US soil in 60 years this past week. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with its main focus is putting the longevity of Earth first. The IUCN was held at Hawaii Convention Center from September 1st -10th. Kamehameha was fortunate enough to attend the ICUN and students returned enlightened and determined.

“We as the youth and students of Hawaiʻi can make a difference and inspire to do things for our home,” said senior Christopher Asano. Christopher was one Kamehameha student chosen to attend the convention. The conference included different countries and booths from these different places exchanging views and techniques in sustaining themselves.

Not only the “locals” learn new sustainable methods but this sharing of sustainability knowledge enhances the entire global community as a whole.

“I think other countries see that Hawaiʻi is trying its best with our kids and youth to figure out and inspire them. Inspiring them in a way that gets them to always think about the future and always know what’s important for the environment and maybe other countries can get inspired to do culture and environmental things to help their ʻāina,” said Asano.

With the emphasis on the youth being the difference for the future only time will tell how the future will be for the Hawaiians of the 21st century.