No Need to Fear, Hurricane Season is Here?


The sunsets of over the Waiʻanae mountain range, after a day on “The Hill.”

Hurricane season can be described as a very hectic time. With the Pacific brewing up storms left and right, Hawaiʻi is a target constantly being caught in the crossfire. It seems like every year we are called indoors and told to seek high ground in fear of yet another Hurricane. Since hurricane ʻIniki hitting the Hawaiian isles in 1992, Hawaiʻi hasn’t been seeing storms of that magnitude. I reached out to my peers and asked them how they felt about “Hurricane season” and I got a multitude of responses

“What is Hurricane season?” said junior Dylan Dudoit.

Though Dylan wasn’t the only one who seemed unfazed by hurricane season, a resounding lack of worry towards tropical storms became an underlying theme. Other terms being thrown around also included “Lie-Hagi”, “It’s always hurricane season in Kapolei” and even “What is a hurricane?”. All joking aside, I had an opportunity to interview Kumu Fernandez, a wife to a fire chief and also a mother who shed light on an interesting subject.

“I don’t really rely on the weather service…Its not only “Lie Hagi” but other news services that seem overly excited to announce our weather… It’s not to desensitize us to hurricanes but that the news has to be appealing to get views, even if the news isn’t 100% accurate” said Mrs. Fernandez.

With hurricane season still looming around the Hawaiian Islands, all we can do is to be prepared and hope for the best. However, the choice is yours, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.