Making a Part-Time Job Work For You


Students India Alford 12 and Mikah Bertelmann 12, both hold jobs as high school students.

Mikaela Nishida, Staff Reporter

The life of a typical high school student is a busy and expensive one indeed. In addition to dealing with school, homework, and extracurricular activities, students often find themselves short on gas money or struggling to scrounge up some funds to go out on their free time. To remedy these common issues, some students take it upon themselves to get a job. Two examples of working students at Kamehameha are India Alford 12 and Mikah Bertelmann 12, the co-presidents of the Taco Club.

Alford started working at Party City in Waipahu over a year ago because she needed gas money. She works approximately 20-30 hours a week during the Halloween season and 15 hours a week through the rest of the year; she gets paid $10.25 per hour. A typical day in the life of Alford includes going to work right after school and working until 9:30 or 10pm. When asked how she finishes school work, she said, “I try to get my work done ahead of time or during frees, so I can sleep when I get home.” However, late nights are common for Alford, as she is enrolled in many honors and AP courses and co-manages the KS Taco Club.

Bertelmann also began working over a year ago at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers in Kailua. He got this job because one of his friends suggested it to him, and he was looking for something to do in his free time. Bertelmann works on weekends and a few weekdays for about 30 hours a week. He doubles as Teddy’s cashier and cook and gets paid $9.25 per hour for making burgers, fries, and milkshakes. When asked how he handles working and going to school, he said, “I manage my time by doing work during free periods and after work.” Along with his duties as club president, Bertelmann is also a part of ASKS and the Po’o Kula Ambassador Program.

Getting a job is a big decision to make; time management is a vital part of succeeding. It takes a lot of responsibility and hard work, however, it is possible to make it work while going to school. Alford and Bertelmann are just a couple of examples of student workers here at Kamehameha.