Has The Class Ring Lost Its Meaning?


Shown above are the ring designs for the class of 2018.

Of the class of 2018, only 46% purchased class rings. What does this statistic say about class rings? Has the purchase of a class ring lost its meaning over time?

In previous years, students would have a ring ceremony in the auditorium to represent how far they’ve come in high school. Now, we have a junior ring social – things have definitely changed since then.

This generation is focused on making memories and living in the moment, so where does a class ring come into play?  A class ring is said to hold your journey of high school, but why is there such a decrease in students ordering class rings? This year a multitude of students were unable to pay for their class ring or they did not want one. Why is this the case?

On the topic of not getting a class ring, Junior Kamalei Davis said, “I already blatantly love my class, I don’t need a ring to showcase that.” With this in mind, a class ring is said to have the purpose of consolidating your experiences from high school in one tangible item, but is that really true?

Alumni and Vice Principle Erin Regua said, “In all honesty, I wore my class ring in high school only for important school events, and it’s been sitting in my jewelry box ever since. I have great memories of my high school experience when I look at it, but I carry those memories with me with or without a class ring.”

Students who ordered the ring, have another opinion. “As a lifer, I felt like a class ring was an important investment for me to make. Think of it as a way to encompass everything I’ve done here.” said Quentin Choy.

Although the majority of the junior class did not purchase rings, it doesn’t mean their class spirit has diminished. Others see meaning to it, to where others don’t, but one thing we can agree on is that a ring can’t hold your high school memories – only you can. Whether you have a ring or not, the memories from high school will be in your heart forever.