The Most Important Meal of the Day


Students should consume a breakfast that includes proteins, whole grains, and complex carbohydrates.

For athletes and students alike, consuming the correct fuel will determine their athletic or academic output for the day. Most people think that the first meal of the day, breakfast, should be a light toast or a bowl of cereal. This understanding of breakfast is very wrong. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and should be taken seriously. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), consuming lots of proteins and carbohydrates in the morning is scientifically proven to keep your mind alert and ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead.

Based on travel time to school in the morning, some students and athletes may have a hard time getting the right breakfast. To avoid this problem, students should prepare their breakfast the night before. It’s important that students get at least a small portion of a nutritional breakfast in the morning because it will help with their metabolism and provide energy for their mind. Writers Tiffani Bachus and Erin Macdonald of ACE suggest that a typical “power” breakfast consists of a protein, a whole grain or starchy vegetable, fruits or vegetables, and a healthy fat.

The proteins that students should consume are nut butters, plain yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, breakfast meats (like chicken or turkey sausages), and tofu. These exampled options are preferred because they will provide the protein you need to fuel your mind and body, according to Bachus and Macdonald of ACE. Students are encouraged to find proteins that will satisfy their diet because the overall goal is to be healthy while staying happy. Students should pair their proteins with a whole grain or starchy vegetable like quinoa, whole grain oatmeal, sweet-potatoes, and whole grain complex carbohydrates (like whole grain muffins, bread, and tortilla). Pairing these complex carbs with proteins for breakfast will surely provide students with the fuel they will need to take on the day. Students should also throw in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats (like nuts, chia seeds, and avocados) to balance off and complete their breakfast properly.