KS Varsity Cheer Brings Home Koa


Courtesy of @imuacheer

KS Varsity Cheerleaders with 2nd Place State Competition Trophy

Bella Steinke, Co-editor

On Oct 21, 2022, the Kamehameha Cheerleading Program swept the ILH Cheer Competition, with their Intermediate, Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams all placing first. The Varsity Team competed at the HHSAA States Cheer Competition on Nov 8, 2022, placing second in the all-girls category.

“This was the first time in 6 years that varsity has won ILH champs and the first time in 10 years that varsity has brought a koa trophy back to the hill. If that doesn’t speak for itself, then I don’t know what does! … It’s hard work and dedication that allows us to improve as a team and keep moving forward,” said Junior Abigail Beair.

 Junior Kelsey Asuncion believes their lively energy and connection with one another drove them toward excellence this year. She said, “Cheer is more than just the skills that we show. It’s more about working as one team and doing the best that we can while also having fun.” 

For anyone looking to cheer in the future, senior Kaʻena Fermantez, who has been in the program since 7th grade, said, “My advice is to be confident in yourself. Even if you’re not, just smile and you’ll get there! Cheer will be hard but it is worth it.”

Ho‘omaika‘i to the Kamehameha Cheerleading Program for their amazing season!