Students Question the Prohibition of Uniform Skirts


Picture of the updated KS Kapālama dress code policy for high schoolers.

As KS continues transitioning into the new school year, school dress-code remains at the top of the priority list for administration. However, many KS students question the legitimacy of the dress code rule prohibiting uniform skirts, which are currently only allowed at Kapālama’s elementary and middle school campuses.

Senior Mariah Mapa said, “Even though I know the rule, I want to fight against it because the skirt makes me feel comfortable. I had to change once and I had never felt so gross at school once I put the shorts on.”

Another senior student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “I think it gives students a choice to change up their uniform here and there. As long as it’s at an appropriate length, I don’t understand the problem with it.”

However, Kumu Alyssa Braffith, after being asked about the skirts seen at the high school, said, “most of what I’ve seen are kind of short,” and further noted the difficulty of managing their length. Additionally, she said that skirts have been out of style until recently, and keeping them in uniform stock was not the best business choice.

Nevertheless, Braffith said, “It’s not like we’re close-minded. I can go to my next uniform committee meeting. We can discuss it. Let’s see if there’s an interest!”

“We just need to have these kinds of conversations so we know. We have to always take the time to understand what is happening to our teenagers right now,” added Braffith.