From Milk and Honey to Home Body: Rupi Kaur

milk and honey, a best selling poetry book by Rupi Kaur.

Photo from DU Beat: Independent Student Newspaper

milk and honey, a best selling poetry book by Rupi Kaur.

Rupi Kaur, Indian-born Canadian poet, rose to fame with her New York Times Bestselling book Milk and Honey. The visual book in the style of “confessional poetry,” includes short entries surrounding the theme of survival. Many of her poems carry you through experiences of violence, abuse, loss, love, and feminity, each drawing to a relatable yet artful sense of self. Kaur’s book has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide, and since its release in 2014, has been translated into 25 different languages, thus becoming a comfort for readers around the world.

The 28 year old poet has since released another poetry book, The Sun and Her Flowers, in 2017. The Sun and Her Flowers, takes on a new theme of survivor. Not a sequel to her first book, her second book remains a companion, depicting rather dismal experiences of trauma, sexual assault, heartbreak, and depression. Kaur’s title acts as a depiction of her affinity with sunflowers devotion to the sun. A representation of love and relationships cycle of hardships, it brings to light the survivor in everyone who has time to “root themselves within nurturing soil and look to the happier times ahead.” Kaur’s expansion as an author was outstanding, within a 3-year gap, her new book had sold more than 8 million copies and has since been translated into 42 different languages. Her work deeply touching the hearts of many.


Since her last release in 2017, Kaur has published a series of coloring books, leaving the world of poetry on her coffee table. While Kaur’s work remains a timeless art, her readers are eager for a fresh taste of what she has to write next. Kaur, with an Instagram following of 4million, has heard the voices of her readers, especially during unprecedented times for everyone, and has decided to add a third collection of poetry. Kaur’s new book, titled; Home Body, follows a reflective and personal journey, exploring the past, present, future, and the power of candid conversations with oneself about love, acceptance, and change. Set to be released on November 17th, the book can be purchased on her website:,  Google Play Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target, prices varying at each store.


Kaur’s work is a comfort to many, exploring the real and intimate conversations between the hardships of the world and comfort amongst the chaos. If you enjoy poetry or any thoughtful reading, consider Kaur’s poetry collection and the reading of her new book home body.