Local Bus Driver Doing His Part To Spread Positivity Through Simple Acts


Holly Ikeda

James Young keeping a positive attitude while on the job

James Young has been a bus driver at Kamehameha since 2003, he drives from Bishop Hall and Tech building to Konia Circle, and is spreading positivity through his simple actions every day.

“I was honored to be serving all of our students at Kamehameha and it is very positive and energizing to be surrounded by what I call ʻmy kidsʻ because I take responsibility as if they were my own,” Young said. Even though he is “only a bus driver” he takes care of every student.

“I do not take my job lightly because parents are entrusting us to keep [their children] safe. I make each student feel welcome because I have the honor and privilege of not only serving our students but serving Ke Ali’i Pauahi,” Young explained.

When asked what motivates him to spread positive energy every day, he said “I have seen our environment change, how our life has changed, our campus life has changed, our technology has changed. There are more stress levels now than ever before and there are more things out there that we cannot control that affects our students.”

Young added, “I see my kids coming to school looking stressed out, looking like thereʻs so much on them from regular day-to-day life that if I can greet them in a positive manner and make them smile, and I can help take away some of their stress levels for that few seconds, Iʻve helped that student get through the day, get through class.”

Students greatly appreciate James Young. “To put it into a simple term, I love him,” Joseph Akeo said. “Heʻs really nice and makes my day better”. “He remembers our faces and even some of our names. He does his best to make sure every student is welcome and I appreciate that.” Haukea Allen-Perrault said.

He is aware of his positive impact and the positive energy he gives out also comes back to him, “it helps me get through my day and energizes me knowing that I can help them by greeting them, by saying hello, by making them smile, by giving them positive praises” Young said.

Young said, “there is one thing that I would like to say to all of the students of Kamehameha. It is an honor and a privilege for me to be serving each and every one of you; to be able to meet each and every one of you, and to be a small part of your journey while at Kamehameha. Imua Kamehameha!”