Boarding Aides Freshman Transition

Transitioning to Kamehameha is difficult for any student, let alone one who  would have to travel a couple hundred miles from home.

Alexis Hilinaʻi Mahiai is a freshman from the island of Hawaiʻi and a boarder in Kapuāiwa Dormitory. As a border, she is held accountable to another set of rules and a completely different schedule from everyday school. This independent lifestyle is new to Hilinaʻi but she believes boarding has made her transition here a lot smoother.

“I think boarding is easier especially if youʻre a new invitee because you get to meet people before you go school.” She said.

Most of Kapuāiwa Dorm’s upperclassmen ‘adopt’ daughters from the freshman and sophomore classes to show them the ropes and teach them how to be successful in boarding. Every class also gets to know each other individualy because certain dorm activities are allotted by grade such as special events and celebrations.

Hilinaʻi said. “It also helps that we have fourteen girls in the freshman class [the largest in the dorm] so I know another thirteen people in school.”

Although she’s surrounded by many new faces Hilinaʻi said, “There’s a lot more people here and everyone’s really different which is hard but I know I am going to meet more amazing people.”